An Asteroid is made up of rubble which resulted from a battle and is presented as a smaller planet hovering above the affected planet. It has the same coordinates as the planet that it formed at. The maximum amount of field an asteroid can have is 50.

Acquiring an AsteroidEdit

Acquiring an asteroid is based on chance/luck as the formation solely depends on the percentage of asteroid forming where the maximum percentage is 20%. Fields of an asteroid is also based on the amount of rubble resulted from a battle; a small battle would result in a smaller asteroid field whereas a big battle would often result in a larger asteroid field.

Strategic PointEdit


An asteroid provides the user not only the Galaxy Scanner feature but also serves as the basis for Alliance Attacks and interceptions. Additionally, it also serves as the back-up location for ships and resources; ships can be stationed and protect the asteroid if an attack is launched towards it and resources can be kept without having it deducted over time. Moreover, several building units can be built on an asteroid such as the Development Center, Weapons Factory, Fleet Base and Microsystem Accelerator.


The major disadvantage of an asteroid is the fact that it's use is limited to the amount of fields it can hold. Additionally, asteroid users cannot build any types of mines and some buildings such as the Research Lab and Fusion Plants are left out, leaving the asteroid powerless.