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Section 1. Planet Questions Edit

  • Q. What is a planet?
  • A. A planet is your main base, its here you gain fleets, buildings and technologies.
  • Q. How many planets can I have?
  • A. Its possible to have up to 10 planets at the same time.

Detail You have one planet that is permanent, your main base, however this can be destroyed by the ISB with is PK when it comes. You can colonize 9 other planets of your choice in any galaxy and system if it is empty.

  • Q. Where is the smartest place to colonize a planet?
  • A. It depends from style to style of the player, for turtles, upper galaxies and for raiders its better to colonize near an profitable player.

Detail For an turtle, the upper galaxies are better to have planets, but make sure to escape flight since it isn't completely safe, as for raiders, colonizing near other players to raid them is the best option. Turtle should gather their planets, raiders should be more spread out.

  • Q. Is there any particular size of a planet?
  • A. Yes, there is, a planet have something called "fields", this decide how big it is and how much you can build on it.

Detail The amount of fields on a planet is random, if it is low, delete the planet, and re-colonize. Its recommended to have 250+ for raiders, and 310+ for turtles.

  • Q. How do I obtain a planet?
  • A. You must colonize an empty planet with a Colony Ship.

Detail First you need a Colony ship, then go to "Fleet Commands" and chose the Colony Ship, enter the coordinates(the planet must be empty) and click "Continue". You will come to another page, select "Colonize" at the left side, chose the amount of resources and speed, and then you click "Start".

  • Q. Is it possible to remove or move a planet?
  • A. Its possible to remove it(not your main planet), but it aint possible to move it any way.

Detail In "Settings" on the left side of the page under "Personal", look for "Planet Settings", on the right side of it, it says delete, click it and it will be deleted.

  • Q. Can a planet we taken over?
  • A. No, it cant be taken over, its impossible.
  • Q. Is it possible naming your planets?
  • A. Yes, it is.

Detail Go to "Settings" under "Personal", on the left side of the page, and look for "Planet settings", you will see a long box were you can type in the name, do so, and save.

  • Q. Can names give you an advantage?
  • A. Yes, they can, depending on what name it is.

Detail Calling your planet for Mine1-2-3 gives player a better chance of finding your planet, make sure to use words like qz and as few as you can, it helps a bit in the upper galaxies.

Section 2, Asteroid questions Edit

  • Q. What is an asteroid?
  • A. An asteroid is a creation of a battle, it usually is used for interceptions and alliance attacks.

Detail An asteroid is a valuable device in this game, its perfect for interception and its the only thing you can use to achieve an alliance attack. It can be obtained only from battles, the better %, the better chance of getting one.

  • Q. What can I build on an asteroid?
  • A. The most important things to build one a asteroid is, the Galaxy Scanner, Fleet

base and Development Center.

Detail You should build a lvl8 Development for a starter so you can build things like the Galaxy Scanner, this can be upgraded endlessly, but the Fleet Base should have lvl2 Fleet Base, at least.

  • Q. Where is the asteroid located?
  • A. The asteroid can be found at the coordinates where the successful battle


Section 3, Building questions Edit

  • Q. What should I build first?
  • A. First you must build a fusion plant for energy. Build Pig Iron mine and Kryptonite mines second. Build up your metal mines later as they take up pig.

Detail Metal mines take away pig from your normal production and turn it into metal at a 2:1 ratio. You should also take notice that you should have some warehouses, lvl3 of each is enough on quite an early stage.

  • Q. What level should my mines be?
  • A. This depends upon your playing style. It varies alot, but high lvl mines for turtles is a must. Upgrade The Pig Iron mine especially high, lvl 35 is the goal for being a good turtle, the other mines should be at lvl30-32 if you manage to do so, but you can go even further from there.

Detail As I said, high lvl mines are a must for turtles, without it, they cant get enough to protect themselves from raiders. Alot of fields are needed for this of course. The income for a turtle is decided by their mines, the larger the mines are, the better income to produce IVCs and other defences.

  • Q. Why cant I upgrade my mines?
  • A. Either you do not have enough resources (you can check how much of every resource you need right below the building description) or your planet has run out of fields.

Detail You always need a certain amount of resources, if you haven't the right amount or above it, you will need to get it, there is no pre upgrading in this game, you either have it or not. The second reason is fields, after sometime you will run out of fields, this make it impossible upgrading something, either you have to degrade something else, or you can just forget it.

  • Q. What should I do if my planet has its fields full?
  • A. Either colonize a new planet or downgrade buildings.

Detail As stated, you can colonize a new planet, but if you already have 10 planets you wont able to do so

  • Q: what does the thermosolar plant do?
  • A.the thermosolar plant produces energy by using up spice and as such is not recommended to most players.

  • Q: my buildings take too long to build, what should i do?
  • A: build a development center. it will speed up the time it takes to construct buildings. once your development center reaches level 12 you can build a micro-system accelerator. the micro system accelerator is a gift from god. it not only cuts the building time for buildings in half for every level it does the same for fleets and defences.

  • Q: i have too many resources, what should i do?
  • A: you can either build warehouses to raise the amount you can store, or you can trade it to other players.

  • Q: what does the research lab do?
  • A: the research lab allows you to research new technologies which help help you unlock new ships, defences, and increase efficiency. every level allows research to go more quickly and research new technologies.

  • Q:What does the weapons factory do?
  • A: the weapons factory allows you to construct ships and defences. ever level allows quicker building of these and the building of more types.

  • Q: what does the fleet base do?
  • A: for every level it allows you to send out a single fleet from that planet.

  • Q: what does the particle cannon do?
  • A: the particle cannon charges using excess energy and destroys defences. it deals 10,000 particles worth of damage per level when charged.

  • Q: what does the particle shield do?
  • A: the particle shield charges using excess energy and blocks particle cannon attacks by 20,000 particles per level when fully charged.

Section 4, Research questions Edit

Section 5, Fleet questions Edit

Section 6, Defense questions Edit

  • Q: Do defenses fire while I'm offline
  • A: yes they will fire at enemies on their own

Section 7, Galaxy questions Edit

Section 8, Alliance questions Edit

Section 9, Rank List questions Edit

Section 10, Econemy questions Edit

Section 11, Fleet Movement questions Edit

Section 12, Message questions Edit

Section 13, Colonization questions Edit

Section 14, Player styles questions Edit

  • Q: What is a Raider
  • A: Raiders gain their resources by "Raiding" or "Farming" others players and focus on ships and weapons

  • Q: What is a Turtle
  • A: Turtles gain their resources through mining but they hoard theirs, and build defenses to stop the occasional raider from drooping in

  • Q: What is a miner
  • A: Miners also gain from mining but instead of building defenses they Escape Flight to keep their resources safe

Section 15, Bug questions Edit

  • Q. I just built something and my points have not gone up?
  • A. Either hit refresh or log out and back in.

The reason why is because the game ahsnt updatet itself, it usually updates itself around every hour(examples: 00:00 or 10:00). Dont use scripts to update it, it will get you banned. After the hour time has passed, log out, and back in, you will see that your points has been updatet according to what you built.