Eternal Empire
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Old Eternal Empire/Echelonic Federation Merger

Led by
  • H.I.M Emperor Night Eternal

Emperor's Ministers:

  • Duke -Carlus- of House Atreides
  • Baron Marioepace of House Harkonnen
  • King Mokey_Eternal of House Sardaukar
Style of Gameplay

Peaceful Constitutional Monarchy

Chronological and political information


The Eternal Empire is a collection of planetary leaders who swear allegience to the Eternal Emperor and the Heads of the Houses Atreides, Harkonnen, and Sardaukar. But despite the monarchial appearance of the alliance, analysis of the charter below prove otherwise.


Constitution of the Eternal EmpireEdit


We the People of the E-E, in humble service of our lord and friend the Emperor, in order to form a more prosperous alliance, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Eternal Empire.

Article 1 – Bill of RightsEdit

To defend the values of our alliance and the membership, a set of fundamental rights are guaranteed.

1. Freedom of expression in a manner which does not cause harm or offense to another member. 2. Right to hold public office within parameters set in Article 8. 3. Protection from trolling. 4. Peacetime in game protection including armed response or diplomatic outcome. 5. Protection from unlawful expulsion from the alliance. Case must be heard. 6. Freedom to leave the alliance in times of peace and stability without penalization. 7. Right to have constitution upheld fully. 8. Right to Un-amendable Bill of Rights 9. Right to an Imperial Parliament of Planets

Article 2 – Oath of LoyaltyEdit

In order to defend the fundamental rights of the membership, members must take the Oath of Loyalty.

I, <Player name> of <Primary Planet's name> do solemnly swear to uphold the constitution to the fullest of my capability, give my full loyalty to the alliance, conduct myself appropriately in Space Invasion and all related channels, and to uphold our morals and values in all Space Invasion channels. I shall stand with the Alliance and be prepared to sacrifice everything for the greater good of E-E

As a member of E-E, it is taken that the member has read the constitution and taken the oath.

Article 3 – The EmperorEdit

The Emperor acts as the Head of State for the alliance. The Emperor is the centre of all patriotism and culture within the alliance and must conduct him or her self appropriately. The Emperor must also approve all legislation passing through government. However, the Emperor may be overruled by the rest of the government. The Emperor is an unelected figure and may choose their successor. In the event of the Emperor being absent without official leave for over two weeks, a new Emperor should be selected by a 3/3 majority of the House Leaders. Should the Emperor act inappropriately, the House Leaders or Imperial Parliament (see article 6) and refuse to step down, the government may declare the Emperor’s rulings to be null and void and initiate a website evacuation if necessary. The Emperor also is the only member to hold the power to disband the alliance.

Article 4 – The House LeadersEdit

The House Leaders, Duke of Atreides, Baron of Harkonnen and King of Sardaukar, are the Emperor's lietenants and report directly to his majesty. Their positions are up for election once every 6 months - July and January - and the vote is to be organized by the Emperor. Should any the HLs act inappropriately, the Imperial Parliament(Article 6) may vote to remove him or her from office. Should the said HL refuse to step down, the Emperor is obliged to remove him or her from office forcibly.

Article 5 – The PrincesEdit

The Princes are assistants to the HLs whom are optionally handpicked by the HL to help in their department. A HL may have up to two princes to assist him.

Article 6 – The Imperial Parliament of PlanetsEdit

The Imperial Parliament of Planets consists of every member of the alliance and acts to approve constitutional changes, propose legislation and to keep the government in line where necessary.

Article 7 – JusticeEdit

Should a member be accused of violation of the constitution or in serious breach of alliance etiquette, he or she may be disciplined by a HL, Prince, or the Emperor. Should the case be serious, for example treason, spying, hacking, the Emperor shall decide on their fate.

Article 8 – Holding Public OfficeEdit

All members are entitled to the right to hold office.

Article 9 – Justice AppealsEdit

Should a member wish to have their criminal record cleaned of certain crimes, they may appeal to the Royal Parliament for one retrial. Should they require a second retrial, at least 4 months must pass before another appeal is made.

Article 10 – Legislative ProcedureEdit

For any legislation which includes constitutional change, justice, diplomatic or military measures and such to pass, it must be proposed by a member, be discussed, then voted on by the Imperial Parliament. Each vote is to last 48 hours and discussion for however long as necessary. Any member of the government can veto the legislation and it will have to be discussed and decided on within the government board and approved by the Emperor. If no government member raises an objection, the legislation shall pass unhindered.

Article 11 – Emergency PowersEdit

In the event of an emergency, the Emperor may request emergency powers to make quick decisions without consultation from the other organs of the legislative process. The Imperial Parliament shall immediately vote on the matter and come to a conclusion within 24 hours. In the event of a tie, the HLs shall decide. The Emperor requires a 3/3 majority from the HLs.

Article 12 – Constitutional AmendmentsEdit

Any modifications to the constitution are carried out as explained in Article 10. However, Article 1 may never be modified and the constitution may not be modified under emergency powers.

Article 13 - ImpeachmentEdit

Should at any time, the desire to remove a government member arises, a vote shall be conducted and if the said government member is impeached by a majority +2 in the Imperial Parliament, the government member shall be demasked immediately and the Emperor shall appoint an acting official for the remainder of the term.

Article 14 - Election ProtocolEdit

On the first day of every election month, a thread for the Imperial Parliament much be opened so any member may stand for election by stating their intent, and optionally, their campaign manifesto. On the fifth of said month, a poll shall be opened for the vote. If a candidate is running unopposed, no poll is necessary and the candidate shall be sworn in immediately. On the second day of the second week of said month, the votes shall be counted and the victor shall be sworn in.

Amendment 1 - Secret BallotEdit

When votes in the Imperial Parliament are conducted, the poll feature of the forum is to be used in the designated sub-forum. Voting is to be anonymous.

Amendment 2 – New Member ApplicationsEdit

When a new member joins the alliance, he or she must choose a House to join to become a full member of the alliance with full member privileges, especially voting. The choices of House to join are at the discretion of the Emperor.

Amendment 3 – Foreign AffairsEdit

Foreign Affairs are controlled primarily by the Emperor who is advised to consult the HLs and if necessary, the Imperial Parliament.


Under Construction


EotS-SCU/E-E Coaltion War - Won - EotS merged into E-E


The Eternal Empire does not restrict or directly control trading between members, but the House Atreides leadership encourages House Members to participate regularly in trade with fellow alliancemen. Even if that trade will only really benefit the other partner.

The Imperial Government periodically engages in 'aid blitzes' which involves sending aid to its weaker members to aid in development. To date, total resources aided:

  • 1,000,000 Pig Iron
  • 500,000 Kryptonite

External LinksEdit

  • Forum - All welcome. Whether they be friends, foes, or non Space Invasion players.