The Klingon Imperial Empire (often refered to as the Klingon Empire to relieve redundancy) is an alliance created in Universe 1 on May 26, 2009. It is ranked 47th in overall number of points as of January 02, 2010, and has 39 members with a collective point amount of 4,648,993 and an average point amount of 119,204.


Rank StructureEdit

The High Council, operating directly under the Chancellor, acts as the command of the alliance, being in charge of relations with other alliances, military moves, and other decisions of importance. The Council possesses the power to punish alliance members, manage treaties and declare wars.


The Imperial Defense Force is underneath the Klingon High Council. Head of IDF, KURN, was apointed by the Chancellor ruling at the time. He is in charge of all IDF personnel.

  • Five Star General 175000+
  • Four Star General 120001-175000
  • Three Star General 85001-120000
  • Two Star General 65001-85000
  • One Star General 40001-65000
  • General 20001-40000
  • Brigadier 10001-20000
  • Commander 5001-10000
  • Colonel 2001-5000
  • lieutenant 1001-2000
  • Bekk 0-1000

Chancellor HistoryEdit

Since the start of the alliance, Svesvens was leader of the Klingon Empire for a period of several months. However, he has since resigned this position to Gatlantis, and took up position in High Council instead.

Military HistoryEdit

List of MembersEdit

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