Welcome to the Quantum Network page! We are a small (but growing Alliance). It's based in Universe 1 Members

Sorted by ammount of points

  1. MrSoulEater 495 Points Quantum ledgend
  2. quantum3 273 Points Supreme Commander
  3. Kileymeister 206 Points Advanced Member
  4. plundar 115 Points Quantum unit
  5. Kawanabunga 37 Points Member 


We seek peace, not war. War will only bring death and chaos! If you want to make a diplomacy, imply contact us! Wars will only start if there's no other choice. Rules: 1. No wars, unless there's no other ways to solve problems. 2. Please build powerful ships, after contacting a higher rank, so we know how you can help us in case of wars. 3. Resolve differences quickly. 4. Don't be a jack-ass! That means: Don't be cheeky, don't offend others and NO THREATS! 5. If an act of " Treason" is detected, you will be dealt with accordingly 6. Respect our Alliance's friends Relationships Alliances

-UC- [Begin 2009-08-12 05:46:11] Diplomacies Wars Alliance's friends



Q: Why would I want to join this Alliance, not any other? What d'you guarantee? A: We guarantee that, for as long as you help our members, we will protect YOU against any hostile empires. We will fight them back, and make their lives a misery. For as long as we stick together we will be unbeatable...-ish...

Q: I'd like to join. What requests about my statistics do you have? A: Not much. If you have under 15 points you will become a basic member. If you want to become a member instantly then we advise you have at least 10 building points 5 research points There's an exception, if you're a friend of the Grand Council.

Q: What is that Grand Council then? A: It's a team of few members who work together to keep in charge of the Quantum Network. Their names are secret, so it could be any ones of the alliance!

Q: So I joined. I'm a noobish member. I want to rank up! NOW!! A: Now, now. First you need to prove yourself. You can do it in plenty of ways:

  • Trade resources with more needy members
  • Make a nice, big fleet to protect others
  • Be a veteran. If you're a member for long enough, you will automaticly level up. It will last a while so use this in addition to any other good deeds.

Just to make it harder for you, if you mock up, then you will level down. MUHAHA!

Q: Is there any SPECIAL ranks to get? Like the... Grand Council member? Q: Well... There isn't a Grand Council member rank, since all of it's members are secret. Although, if you're very VERY good in a particular area, you will become a chief of this rank. (eg: Chief Researcher). There's only one Chief though.

Q: I'm often attacked by another alliance. What should I do? A: 1. See the alliance's members' points. If they're reasonably low, try to negotiate. If they'd attack more after attempts of negotiation then move on to... 2. Contact all the Quantum Network heads. Please trace the enemy alliance members properly, and give right details! 3. If all negotiation attempts fail, get your battleships ready for war!

Q: I want to know more. What should I do? A: It's very simple. Contact one of the advanced members. I personally recommend quantum3 the leader, or MrSoulEater (Me). We know the most about the alliance