Space Invasion is a management-type, text-based, space-strategy themed online browser game with over 500,000 players. Space Invasion was created and maintained by Bigpoint.

"In the strategy game, SpaceInvasion, you will become the commander of your own Imperial space force. You set out to conquer undiscovered planets, found colonies and mine raw materials. Establish an industrial infrastructure in this strategy game and build defense installations in order to protect yourself. These are a definite must because SpaceInvasion is brimming with enemies, all of who would like to get ahead at your expense. Don't let this happen and defend what you've worked hard for, because without a base in the strategy game SpaceInvasion you'll be left high and dry; a nobody in the infinite expanses of outer space.
Fight your way alone through the interstellar battles of SpaceInvasion or join together with one of the other gigantic alliances. No matter what you decide the most important thing in this strategy game is to master the art of strategical warfare in order to become the most powerful fleet admiral. Important information about your enemy will be provided to you by means of technical gadgets which you can definitely use to your advantage in the strategy game SpaceInvasion. Even the weapons factory has some surprises in store for you such as state-of-the-art fighter squadrons for fleet maneuvers. Don't keep the universe waiting any longer for its master. Come to SpaceInvasion and get started.''"
—About SpaceInvasion

As of March 8, 2008 there are currently one universe with more planned as galaxy fills.



Space Invasion supports alliances that are easy to create, so every player could have their own. There isn't any limit in alliance size, except for the fact, that alliances with hundreds of members tend to have poor communication due to the massive amount of players.


Points are used to rank players in game for performance. They are gathered from buildings, research, and fleets. They also can be gathered from wins in battles and the possession of resources.They are determined by every 2000 of every resource spent(excluding spice).


There are 4 resources to be collected in the game: Pig Iron, Metal, Kryptonite and Spice

Pig Iron is necessary as the main provider of pig iron to the blast furnace for the production of metal, as well as for upgrading buildings which require strong vibration resistance.

Metal is harder, more resistant and more mouldable than pig iron, and is used primarily for ship construction and finer structures.

Kryptonite is very hard but not as ductile as metal. Kryptonite is used for almost all buildings and ships. It is also essential for research. It has unbelievable properties as an alloy and is also very resistant to external influences.

Spice is a relatively rare raw material. As a result, it is that much more valuable. Spice provides outstanding performance in ship drives, in research and also in alloys. Spice even plays a vital role in food production. It is essential for an up-and-coming empire.


The buildings in Space Invasion are all upgradeable into higher levels, to increase production or to unlock new ships and technologies. Building costs double with each level, except for mines, which follow a different formula.

These are the basic buildings, of which most are available immediately, and the rest (Research Lab, Weapons Factory) usually become available within a few days of play.

Each building takes up a "field" on a planet, and each new level takes up a new field. When the fields of the planet are full, no new buildings can be built.


There are many types of ships to choose from in Space Invasion. All ships have certain stats, that define their combat capability. Structure Points are used to describe the ships hit points. When they dry up, the ship is destroyed. Shields provide protection for the ship. A ship's shield can absorb a certain amount of damage every turn, thus reducing the damage caused to the ships hull.b Fire power represents the ships attack power, with which to destroy other ships. Speed is the factor determining the time required to travel between planets. Capacity represents the size of the ships cargo holds, used to transport fuel, and resources. Fuel Consumption shows how much spice is used for flight.


This comes in handy when you are being attacked. These are linked to the offence as the same fire strength, structure, shields etc. But however become harder and harder to use because it takes a lot of resources to unlock the best of the best of them.

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